Saturday, July 12, 2008

Alive In This Moment

Just as background, I chose the name "Alive in this moment" after a song by Starfield. It's a song about how many times we run away and then at some point, some moment, God pulls us back torward him. When everything falls apart his arms are open wide (as they were when we chose to do everything our own way) and he meets us in that moment. It's about remembering how amazing God is, how beautiful the aroma of his love. This song is a mirror of my life, and the life of several others. Grasping for control in so many aspects of our life, we either don't want God's help and guidance, or just believe that we do not need it. I wish it wasn't the case that so many times it is when I fall flat on my face after abiding by the flesh that I realize that the only thing I need, the only thing that should take precedence in my life is the ONE.
The song is about how our hedonistic desires cause us to forget the One who will give us our deepest and truest desires. Dead in our sin, Alive with God.

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Brittney Galloway said...

Woohoo!! Yay for your blog!! I am so excited to read your blog, friend! and I am adding you to my "blogs I read" right now! I hope work is good! love you!