Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Have you ever gotten really frustrated at someone or something? The kind of frustrion that all of a sudden exposes this vicious monster that has been dwelling in the innermost pit of your being? It's as if is is finally bursting through the barrier of its lair, suddenly transforming your outward demeanor and appearance into something resembling the character of a classic horror film?

Your expected response:
"Yes, Raphaela, doesn't everybody?"

That was me this evening. All over a stupid battle between me, a plug and a wall outlet. See, my phone charger is of the ghetto, walmart, generic variety, and that being said, this means that the plug wobbles and is quite unstable. Of course, the wall outlet is hiding behind a large and awkwardly-shaped piece of furniture, making it nearly impossible for me to fit my gargantuantly proportioned ogre hands behind it and because ogre hands do not come with inbuilt ogre strength, I cannot move this obstacle.
So, two minutes into my somewhat calm and logical negotiation with all parties involved, the beast in me reveals itself. Pure rage surges over me as logic vanishes and the only thing left is aggression. Everything in my wants to pick up the dysfunctional plug and break it in half, sealing in my victory over the man-made object. But what do I do? I break it, but not triumphantly, because instead of abolishing its pitiful existence with my bare hands, I continue in a more violent and frustrated attempt to continue plugging it into the wall. I am not doing this gently, however, and, in an abrupt move, I channel so much force into my arm and wrist in order to adequately insert the plug into the socket that I miss the outlet completely and the two metal prongs that were previously attached to the plug, break off.


It is at this denouement that I catch a glimpse of my face in the mirror. Ugly, is the only word that I have to describe my reflection. The anger shows in my eyes, mouth and forehead, all of which are emphasized by wrinkles that I am sure I acquired mid-charger battle. It is then that I realized that I, once again, let my temper get the best of me. The monster came out and the gentle, kind-spirited woman I want to be known as dissapeared, all because I could not humbly seek after help when I needed a couch moved. Stupid plug ;o)


Brittney Galloway said...

I miss you friend. And I hope all of your stress related illnesses clear up. Love you so much.

Dakota said...

I have nothing to say as far as this post goes...and i couldn't figure out how to comment back from my original i am. i would like to say thank you for your input. im glad someone other than my mom reads my blog. ha. yours is nice, i enjoi!