Friday, September 19, 2008

Be Quiet!

I didn't ever think that i'd actually be stern as an RA. Especially since i'm all about the pranks.

Like the one I pulled last night (that my two roommates still don't know about). Their computers were out and their facebook profiles were up and they, well, they were no where to be found. So being the trickster that I am, I tweaked their profiles up a bit, and they'll find out soon enough. Especially when people start wishing them a happy birthday... today...

There was also the time when my Spiritual Life Director, Grace, decided to steal my mattress. All things must be avenged, right? So what did Raphaela Torman, RA of East 5 do? She placed all the furniture in the living room, which included a dining table, four chairs, two couches, a tv stand and a coffee table, in her bedroom. Of course, the rooms are relatively small, so some stuff went in the en suite bathroom...

Or maybe it was the time that I stole one of my Prayer Leader's pillows, opened the window, and left its suicide note on her bed...

These might make you laugh, but apparently, I have a dark side too...
I'm pretty sure the thought that went through my head was that it would be simple, being the good guy.

Until yesterday.

Quiet hours are from 9pm - 12am, Mon-Thurs. On East 5 3&4, those quiet hours are not normally maintained, as the girls of my hall and the guys from the brother dorm like to socialize right out side the dorm in a volume that is definitely not catering to anyone's educational venture. They are told repeatedly that this is a time for study and it must be maintained or there will be consequences. But last night, let's just say last night was a circus... So in the spirit of my paid position and with sympathy for those that truly had homework to do, I told the group outside to be quiet... three times.

At about the third time I'd truly had it, and instead of being polite (like I had been the previous times), and instead of calming down before I said anything, I took my Brazilian temper down stairs and yelled.

It wasn't like I yelled anything hurtful, or malicious, I just simply said "Be quiet now! I am serious!" and I watched as about 9 20-something girls and 6 20-something guys shut up faster than you could say reprimands. They didn't just hush, they looked scared. Needless to say, I didn't ever think that I would demand that kind of quiet, even though my position calls for it, and I was completely satisfied with the end, but shocked by the means.

I suppose this means that i'm ready to have kids?

Um.... no.

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