Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On Soap

Someone recently provided an analogy involving sin and hand sanitizer. Let me expound on that analogy:
Hand sanitizer kills 99% of the bacteria on your hand, or so it says on most bottles, with a small catch. You have to wash your hands first. See, if you place hand sanitizer on your hand without washing your hands, not only have you not removed the bacteria, but you have now trapped it on your hands, creating a sort of super germ. At least this is what my friend Wyatt told me (he's always got random facts up his sleeve) when I wiped my hands with sanitizer in the middle of the Religion Hall. He explained that the germs get trapped (he read this somewhere...) and that instead of ridding your hands of germs, you're just killing a few of them and leaving the rest. For the purpose of this illustration, we will assume that this is true, and I will request that you go along with this.

Well, after reading a friend's blog about hand sanitizer representing what we do to rid ourselves of the germs (sin) in our life, I remembered this fact that Wyatt had shared with me and found it fitting to add a new aspect to that analogy. We'll assume that Hand Sanitizer is the quick fix, the works. Yes, faith without works is dead, I know this passage, but I mean the frantic works that we do assuming that that is what is going to truly make us clean. Like my aforementioned friend mentioned in his blog, the sanitizer only gives the appearance of cleanliness, a surface level cleanliness. Sometimes we'll do and do and do to get rid of the sin without really cleansing ourselves; surrendering it to God.

Tony Nolan spoke on prayer tonight and on surrendering. He used the illustration of a boy who tries and tries and tries to remove these large rocks in his front yard so that he can mow the grass that's sticking up around the edges. He strains to move the boulder, and his father sees his attempt and just sits there and watches as his boy struggles to move it. Finally, after his boy has collapsed in exhaustion, the father looks at the boy and asks, "Son, have you done all that you can to move that boulder?" And the son naturally replies, "yes! can't you see!?" The father then smiles and (please picture this with me) says to the boy "No, you haven't. You failed to ask me to help you move it."

So many times we do to try and fix but yet we never surrender. I would like to add to my friend's analogy and say that the surrender is the soap. We must first surrender our sins, the things that we hold onto, to God and then He shall cleanse us. Without first being surrendered, we cannot do. God can cleanse you. Like the blog on hand sanitizer, we must surrender ourselves, die to ourselves.


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Anonymous said...

Rest peacefully dear, the hand sanitizer thing is not true :o) I could go into a scientific explanation of this, but to spare you, let's just say I got an A in microbiology. And worked in a hospital in which we used alcohol sanitizer all the time. Keep sanitizing!

P.S. Handwashing is still better :o) And actually, he may have a point about superbugs, some strains of bacteria will eventually quit repsonding to your gel. LOL :o) Aren't you glad we're friends?