Saturday, July 4, 2009

Because God Wills it!

Did you know that God's will for your life affects more than your life? Are you grasping this concept? This means that there is actually a lot more at stake when you choose to follow a path that does not glorify God. This is not to say that you should feel burdened by a task that you may or may not know will impact the entire world. This does not mean that you should feel entitled to the glory that belongs to God and God alone. No, this simply means that every choice you make that does not align with His best for your life impacts so many more.

There is a scene in the movie Kingdom of Heaven in which the Christian crusaders exclaim that the unjustified death that they are inflicting upon the Muslims is being inflicted because "God wills it!" This had me thinking, who are we to claim the will of God for another man? Also, when we realize the purpose and calling of our lives to the work of the Lord, what happens when we do not follow through with that work? Who suffers when we deny the cross? Who suffers when we choose the World over the Word? What is the aftermath of what we do and do not claim as "the will of God."

There is another scene, in the same movie, when the man appointed to defend Jerusalem surrenders the city to the Muslims. He then says "if Jerusalem is truly the Kingdom of Heaven, then let God do with it as He wills." Now, this had me thinking, if we just surrendered our lives and said the exact same thing about our "paths," or "callings," would he not guide us in the way of His will?

Why do we so often use the will of God as grounds for our own desires and inconsistent decisions? Why do we also hide behind the will of God; why do we use it as an excuse for sloth?

What if we didn't use it as grounds for what we want, or a shield to defend us from the things that we do not? What if we just simply said: "Here am I, do with me as You will."?

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Shea said...

You amaze me Raph. I love reading everything you write. It's the point..and well written :)

love you, & happy birthday!